Home Inspections

Find out what’s lurking behind your walls, under your roof and in your crawl space.

Mold Testing

Find and get rid of the mold problem at your home or office.

Radon Testing

Keep your family members and employees safe by testing for dangerous radon gas at your property.

Air Quality Testing

Breathe clean air every time you step into your home or commercial building.

Buying or Selling Property in Mt Clemens & Clinton Township, MI?

Hire the talented and experienced building inspectors at Picket Fences Home Inspections, first!

When you’re buying or selling a home or commercial property in Mount Clemens, Michigan, you need to know if there are any issues with the building. If you’re a buyer, you know the realtor you’re working with wants to sell you the building or home no matter what. If you’re a seller, you know the buyers want you to lower the price.

So who can you trust to tell you the truth about your property?

That’s where Picket Fences Home Inspections LLC steps in. Our talented building inspectors don’t have an agenda—we just want you to know any issues present in your home or commercial property. From roof leaks and foundation cracks to mold and radon, Picket Fences Home Inspections can find it all. Plus, our thorough reports are easy to understand.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the home and commercial inspections we offer in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

What will your commercial or residential inspection show?

Find out what’s really going on inside your walls. Picket Fences Home Inspections offers:

Knowledge is power, especially in the real estate market. Before you buy or sell property in the Mount Clemens, Michigan area, know its risks and benefits. Dial 586-615-1631 to speak with a talented and experienced inspector right now.

About Picket Fences Home Inspections

Since we opened for business in Mount Clemens, MI in 1991, Picket Fences Home Inspections has performed thousands of property inspections. Our clients choose Picket Fences Home Inspections because of our thorough reporting, friendly inspectors and excellent customer service. Plus, they love that the reports we provide are simple and easy to read.

Don’t spend hours poring over a confusing report. Work with inspectors who want you to come away from your inspection with a clear mind and confidence in your decision. Call 586-615-1631 today to schedule an inspection at your home or commercial property in Mount Clemens, Michigan.

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