Know What’s Lurking in Your Home

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Don’t buy or sell a home in the Mount Clemens, Michigan area without getting a thorough home inspection first. Picket Fences Home Inspections LLC offers inspections for sellers and buyers who want to know all the possible issues with their home before they list it for a certain price or commit to purchasing it. It doesn’t matter what type of home you live in – we inspect houses, condominiums and apartments.

We also offer the same detailed inspections for business owners in charge of maintaining apartment complexes, office buildings and other commercial properties. Call 586-615-1631 today to schedule an inspection at your property in Mount Clemens, MI.

5 reasons to have your building inspected

5 reasons to have your building inspected

Inspecting your property can reveal all sorts of issues. Here are five reasons to get a home inspection as soon as possible:

  1. If you’re selling, you’ll be able to make any necessary repairs before you put your property on the market.
  2. Potential buyers won’t be able to haggle with you as easily if you’re confident about your home’s value.
  3. If you’re buying a home or other property, you’ll go into your purchase with a clear view.
  4. You can back out of a purchase before it’s too late if your inspection shows too many issues.
  5. You have leverage to negotiate for a lower price with the sellers.

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